Roller Blinds

The Ultimate Room Darkening Solution

  • Functional elegance in today's most fashonable colours
  • Maxima, with it's cloth finish offers a richness not found with traditional vinyl
  • 100% opaque for total provacy and light control
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Vinyl is flame retardent, and washable

Z-Screen Sun Control Fabric

Z-Screen fabric is one of the most versitile materials used in window covering and decoration. Z-Screen is function as well as beautiful - it is durable, easy to maintain, provides effective sun protection and creates a totally new look for your windows. Made from vinyl-coated polyester yarns, Z-Screen is available in varying degrees of sun control. At an openness factor 3%, 5%, or 10% it filters the sun's light, blocks UV rays, helps to minimize fading of interior furnishings, yet allows full visibility outside your windows and good ventilation. Z-Screen's thermal insulation properties reduce your heating costs in the winter and your air conditioning costs in the summer.

Sun Control Blinds (Texture Z-ScreenTM 3%)

These come in a multitude of colours and densities. This exceptional sunscreen fabric has a unique textured appearance with a subtle feel and look. Our Texture Z-Screen features a fibre-glass and polyester core. With a vinyl coating for excellent solar optical properties which include heat protection, shade facotr, glare reduction, and UV protection. And it does it all while maintaining its outstanding look and performance. With an openness of 3% these fabrics offer maximum privacy and exceptional visual comfort to any room.

Sun Control Blinds (Eco Z-ScreenTM 5%)

These incredible new fabrics has a bion balance technology that actually reduces the air dust particles, dust mites, odours and bacteria in any room. Made from vinyl-coated polyester yarns the Eco Z-Screen 5% allows more sunlight to come through yet controls both glare and heat. A relief for allergen sufferers, this new line of fabrics will surely improve the look of your home and your quality of life.

Special Pricing

Alabaster White (5% openness)

The prices listed below do not include HST or installation. Valances are included.

  • 36" x 60" = $120
  • 48" x 60" = $135
  • 60" x 60" = $155
  • 72" x 60" = $185
  • 36" x 84" = $135
  • 48" x 84" = $155
  • 60" x 84" = $215
  • 72" x 84" = $225
  • 84" x 84" = $250
  • 96" x 84" = $275
Plain White Roller Blind (0% openness)

The prices listed below do not include HST or installation. Valances are included.

  • 36" x 60" = $72
  • 48" x 60" = $88
  • 60" x 60" = $100
  • 72" x 60" = $116
  • 72" x 72" = $130
  • 72" x 84" = $150
  • 72" x 96" = $170


These are a selection of the colours available from the Mermet collection. We have hundreds of samples, so be sure to take advantage of our shop at home service to view the entire catalog.

Currently, over 40 % of emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas are released by building heating and air conditioning systems. In order to avoid irreversible climate change, it is therefore becoming urgent to reduce them by improving the thermal performance of buildings.

This was the objective set by the Kyoto Protocol and, in order to achieve it, thermal regulations have already been applied by building designers - the RT 2012 (2012 Thermal Regulations) in France, and the Energieeinsparverordnung decree in Germany)

Likewise, at work and in the home, the occupant's comfort is taken into consideration:

  • Provision of natural light
  • Visual comfort : limiting the disruption caused by light, preserving eyesight, etc.
  • Thermal comfort : controlling heat in summer and cold spots in winter, as well as air quality
  • Aesthetic appearance : With over 500 colours to choose from, the fabrics in the Mermet┬« collection are perfectly suited to exterior fa├žades or interior decoration.

These are a few samples of the many standard fabrics available for roller blinds and panel tracks. If you wish to see the premium samples, please see our page on Panel Tracks.

Alabaster Ebony Granite Greystone
Pebblestone Pewter Tobacco White