Venus-style Silhouette/Vienna

Venus Classic

"Introducing Venus, a window shading system that will elevate the beauty of your home with the latest fashions created to the highest standards.

"Venus will enhance your most breathtaking views with the elegance and grace of a sheer drapery but with the privacy and functionality of a venetian blind.

"Protect your privacy and control the sunlight while making a lasting impression with the timeless appeal of Venus."

Venus Light-filtering

"When further light control is required, Venus Light Filtering is here to fulfill your request.

"Perfectly dimming the sunlight, Venus Light Filtering offers a denser sheer to meet your most specific needs.

"Achieve your precise desires with the highest quality of unique materials, Venus Light Filtering will not disappoint."

Venus Premium

"Venus Premium matches the quality and function of Venus with the exclusive look of enhanced textural fabrics.

"Venus Premium features a unique selection of traditional earth tones interwoven with complimentary flecks of colour to create stunning highlights.

"Designed to the highest standards, Venus Premium provides a distinctive look to enrich and decor."